“Down On Maddy has it all; unique songwriting, captivating riffs, and a heaven-sent voice creates an enticing combination that enlightens and delightens from start to finish.”

-Jeremy Davis, Ethnocloud


For light to stream in, there must be darkness…

It’s a credo indie producer/multi-instrumentalist Patrick Kleven lives and creates by through the dream funk project Down On Maddy. To produce this cryptic and cathartic music, Patrick has had to confront loneliness, demons, and his tumultuous past. With Down On Maddy’s debut, he brings listeners light by sharing the passage through darkness.

“I hope the vulnerability in this music helps others accept and transcend their shadow sides,” says the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based artist. READ MORE

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Past releases:

Other releases:

  • De Nada, Artist: Asparagii (2018, Produced by Patrick Kleven)

Tour History

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Past appearances:

  • Fire On Water, Milwaukee, WI 9/24/16
  • Bremen Cafe, Milwaukee, WI 10/7/16
  • Up and Under Milwaukee, WI 1/17/17
  • Santa Monica Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 10/14/17
  • The Kibitz Room, Los Angeles, CA 11/18/18

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“Refined alt rock with attention to detail and enough passion to entice another listen.” -Beehive Candy 

“Kleven, a multi-instrumentalist and producer, blissfully showcases his talent with steady momentum that will see him rising to the top.” -Modern Mystery

“Kleven’s ambient vocals are a breath of fresh air, his talent for handcrafting a personal piece is brought into the spotlight.” -Modern Mystery

“Kleven’s vocal work is remarkable, and his talent for writing a song and storyline brings his world to life.” -Carrie Lowell, Kurrent Music

“Patrick Kleven skillfully crafts a dreamy sound that brings a retro flare into the mix.” -Jeremy Davis, Ethnocloud

“Kleven’s voice is fitting to the piece, as it floats along the clouds and brings charming harmonies throughout that showcase his vocals.” -Jeremy Davis, Ethnocloud

“Down on Maddy has it all: unique songwriting, captivating riffs and heaven-sent vocals create an enticing combination that enlightens and delightens from start to finish.” -Jeremy Davis, Ethnocloud

“An artist on the rise.” -Jeremy Davis, Ethnocloud

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